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profloor EF interlocking portable tent - marquee flooring

Pro-floor EF

Pro-track  portable Temporary Roadways trackway flooring  systems

Pro track

Pro-Track® is superior portable roadway, tough enough to withstand  heavy impact

ultimate event flooring solution. lightweight outdoor flooring lightweight outdoor flooring is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty impact


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Tent floor

profloor EF festival stadium cover

Pro-Floor® EF is the ultimate event flooring solution. This lightweight outdoor flooring is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty impact while also offering grass protection to safeguard valuable underlying surfaces. Ideal for carnivals, expos, festivals and major events as well as marquee flooring, this dynamic event flooring is pedestrian-friendly, easy to install and remove, and comes in a range of colours. Pro-Floor® EF is portable flooring suitable for a range of surfaces, from synthetic turf to natural grass, ice arenas and indoor surfaces.


Recycable polypropylene copolymer. Specific engineering grade material for high impact, toughness, flexibility and resilience.


Static- 29,000kg/sqm on firm surface


Can be stored flat packed on pallets or in rolls of varying lengths and packed in stillages.


Pro-Floor® EF can be used for between 5-10 days over natural grass surfaces, reducing damage caused by abrasion and wear. For maximum turf protection we recommend Pro-Floor GP.


Marquee floors
Stadium Cover
Parkland Grass Protection
Turf Protection
Merchandising and displays
Hospitality & catering areas
Dance parties


Portable, lightweight flooring that’s easy to assemble and suitable for a variety of events

Tough and robust to withstand heavy weights

Clean and dry surface

Protects underlying surfaces

Wheel chair access

olour options for branding

Sold per pallet of 78.78m² (847.98 ft²)

Wholesale price for large quantitie


for large quantities

pro floor Ef marquee floor colours grass protection marquee flooring marquee tent flooring easy storage rull up

Colours Available

GRASS PROTECTION:between 3- 7 days

Dismantling-tool-profloor-EF-MR-GP profloor-EF-straps

 Interlocking portable flooring ideal to use as tent flooring, marquee flooring or as Temporary fooring for events

Dismantling tool




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Easy storage

Glow in the dark

Grass protection



Heavy duty

Portable tent marquee flooring

Our superior and affordable range of portable flooring is lightweight and robust, able to withstand the weight of large crowds while protecting underneath surfaces, perfect for event and marquee flooring.

marquee tent flooring

Our tent -marquee flooring ( Profloor- EF ) is chipped pre-assembled in large sheets of 1x1.2m and stacked on pallets. For storage you can left them on pallets or you can roll them up. also the cleaning is very easy and fast, you can do that with a pressure washer.

This marquee flooring is a perfect support base for chares , tables and… our tent floor, is also specially designed, that there is no safety risk for woman with high heels . the upper side is completely non-slip and equipped with drainage holes our marquee floor is fully fire safe.  fire certificates can be requested with us