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profloor EF interlocking portable tent - marquee flooring

Pro-floor EF

Pro-track  portable Temporary Roadways trackway flooring  systems

Pro track

Pro-Track® is superior portable roadway, tough enough to withstand  heavy impact

ultimate event flooring solution. lightweight outdoor flooring lightweight outdoor flooring is tough enough to withstand heavy-duty impact


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Tent floor


.Pro-Floor® GP is innovative, translucent stadium protection that sets a new benchmark in grass protection with event flooring. Pro-Floor® GP protects natural turf grass from excess abrasion and wear due to high traffic loads from tens of thousands of people at open air concerts and shows in stadiums, sporting arenas or in public parklands. This outdoor flooring features a unique light, water and air flow circulation that enables grass to thrive underneath while standing up to the high impact of large crowds in both wet and dry conditions, providing flawless turf protection for up to 15 days. Renowned for its toughness, flexibility and resilience, Pro-Floor® GP is slip-resistant portable flooring that is easy to assemble and works on uneven ground.


Pro-Floor® GP can be used for between 7-15 days over natural grass surfaces, reducing damage caused by abrasion and wear.


Stadium Cover
Parkland Grass Protection
Turf Protection


Portable, lightweight flooring that’s easy to install and store,

Designed to accommodate uneven ground,

 Slip-resistant with self-draining features to provide a clean, dry, safe surface,

Heavy duty without breakable joining pieces, withstands trolley jacks, air jacks, axle stands,

Customised flooring to match corporate colours for added branding impact and create borders, numbers, words etc,

Rolls up for compact storage in transporters


May be swept, mopped, scrubbed or high pressure washed. Resistant to most common detergents and cleaning fluids.

Sold per pallet of 78.78m² (847.98 ft²)

Wholesale price for large quantities

Stadium Cover Parkland Grass Protection Turf Protection

Fast instalation

GRASS PROTECTION:between 5-15 days

Dismantling-tool-splitter-profloor-EF profloor-EF-straps

Pro-floor GP portable tent marquee stadium flooring protects natural turf grass for 15 days

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Glow in the dark

Grass protection



Heavy duty

Portable tent flooring grass protection

GRASS PROTECTIONstadium-flooring-protects-natural-tur- grass-marquee